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Our Services

1. Meet Us

Get to know our team and the details of our services

2. Home Prep

We'll help prep your home with improvements and staging

3. Pricing

We'll provide a recommended list price based on detailed market analysis

4. Take Photos

Next, we'll take great photos of your home for the listing

5. Marketing

We'll make sure your listing will be found on the MLS, other listing sites, and social media

6. Now Showing

Now we'll handle showings and communication with buyers and agents

7. Getting Offers

As you receive offers we'll make recommendations and negotiate on your behalf

8. Escrow

When you accept an offer, we’ll handle the escrow process to make sure all deadlines are met

9. Closing

We’ll review all needed documents, answer your questions, and attend closing

Here's How We Help You Save Money

Let's say we list and sell your home for $350,000


Johanek Realty


Your "Name Your Price" Fee


3% Buyer's Agent Commission


Your Total Cost in Commission


Traditional Agency


3% Listing Agent Commission


3% Buyer's Agent Commission


Your Total Cost in Commission

You Just Saved $7,500!

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